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Capstone Method Voted Best of Virginia 2012

“Congratulations! Downstream to Wellness (aka Capstone Method) has been voted by Virginia Living readers as one of the Best Alternative Health Services in Shenandoah Valley. Congratulations! We hope that this honor gives you the great sense of achievement that you deserve!” ~Virginia Living Many thanks to our community for making this recognition possible!

Yoga and Structural Integration

Ida Rolf the innovator of Structural Integration was a yoga practitioner. The 10 session series can greatly enhance your yoga practice. We offer Structural Integration. Check out this article!

Pain in the neck?

Wikipedias definition of Hiltons Law:Hiltons law expoused by John Hilton: one often finds that a nerve that innervates a joint also tends to innervate the muscles that move the joint and the skin that covers the distal attachments of those muscles. This explains why if an upper rib is out of place the upper trapezius […]

Free Full Body Joint Mobilization Routine

Free Full Body Joint Mobilization Routine

Fantastic free joint mobilization videos from Scott Sonnon.  

Knee Pain

Really nice article about how knee pain can come from a back problem.

How to Maintain Your Body

There are three situations you can find yourself in. #1:You have an injury. Back problems can usually be addressed in one regular session and up to 4 shorter sessions. This also applies to neck problems etc. #2 When your better stay on 3 or 4 week maintenance program, its cheaper than a knee replacement or […]