Facet Dysfunction Seminar – Manual Therapy Workshop

Price: $149.00

This is a powerful bodywork package. If you’re a bodyworker wondering why we’re offering a class about facet dysfunction, it means you really need to take a class about facet dysfunction. By understanding the fundamental dynamics of facet joints, mastery of the techniques for correction naturally follow.

Included in this package:

  1. Spinal Mechanics
  2. Muscle Energy Technique
  3. Still Technique
  4. Low Load Long Duration

This Spinal Mechanics Facet Joint Dysfunction seminar is a basic building block for the ongoing Capstone Method series on structural bodywork. In this seminar, Spinal Mechanics are broken down into their fundamental components. Once a therapist understands these elements it opens the door to finding and treating facet dysfunction. Muscle Energy and Still Technique are the first methods to be explored. We look at how to utilize the breath cycle and cranial rhythm to enhance the two modalities. Other strategies like low load long duration are discussed. This is a great seminar if this subject is new to you or even if you have been doing this style of work for a while.

These techniques can be used together as a specialty session with your client or peppered throughout your routine. As we’ve said regarding another of our workshops, “Facet Dysfunction Workshop”, it was a process deciding what videos we should produce first. Pick up this seminar to strengthen your core understanding of facet joint dynamics and improve your practice.

We hope our workshops provide you with lasting results for your clients. Included in the purchase of this online bodywork seminar are 3 months of free online support. Email us your questions and we’ll address each and every one of them. (After the 3 months are up, we’re still most likely going to support you.)

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