Rib Dysfunction Seminar – Manual Therapy Workshop

Rib Dysfunction Coversheet

Price: $149.00

(This manual therapy video product is on sale from $349. We are discounting all our products to enable more people to benefit from this information.)

This is a powerful bodywork package. If you’re a bodyworker wondering why we’re offering a class about rib dysfunction, it means you really need to take a class about rib dysfunction. Since every rib is connected in the back to thoracic vertebrae, we learn that by treating the ribs not only can we address breathing difficulties but we can also realign a lot of thoracic dysfunctions.

Included in this package:

1. Welcome to the Rib Dysfunction Manual Therapy Workshop

2. Overview and basics

3. Identifying thoracic facet dysfunction and how to begin mobilizing those points

4. First technique for mobilizing thoracic dysfunctions – torso circumduction with fulcrum point holds

5. Continuing to release thoracic rigidity with “rock into the crook of the arm” technique

6. Third technique for mobilizing thoracic dysfunction: “rocking into side sheering”

7. Technique for correcting a first rib dysfunction – with thoracic now clear, moving on to address ribs directly using scalene lengthening and muscle energy techniques

8. Post check to confirm first rib correction

9. Bonus long lever circumduction technique – final touch on first rib

10. Another bonus long lever mobilization combined with “functional” technique

11. Second rib techniques

12. Another great extra first rib technique

13. Reviewing the structures involved in these past few techniques

14. Palpating to find respiratory rib dysfunction

15. Demonstrating finding a respiratory dysfunction

16. Treating inhalation restrictions in the first two ribs by addressing the scalenes

17. Demonstrating the version of the technique for inhalation restriction for people who have a shoulder problem

18. Best version of the inhalation restriction technique (for clients who don’t have a shoulder problem)

19. Post checking the efficacy of the inhalation restriction technique

20. Treating the third, forth, and fifth ribs by addressing pec minor (muscle energy technique)

21. Performing the correction, checking for effectiveness, and additional mobilization of the joints

22. Treating the sixth through ninth ribs

23. Demonstrating the corrections for sixth to ninth ribs for inhalation and exhalation restrictions

24. Correcting exhalation restrictions at any rib

25. Extra rib mobilization techniques

26. Finding and treating eleventh and twelfth rib dysfunctions

27. “Rib raising” technique for increased rib mobility and lymphatic draining – demonstrating prostrate so as to indicate how it should be done properly supine

28. “Rib raising” technique aka “playing the upside-down piano” as it should be used, supine

29. Post treatment lymphatic protocol

30. Circumduction to open the thoracic inlet

31. Sweeping for lymphatic stimulation

32. Finishing with a costal arch oscillation & pedal pump

33. Tips and closing words

These techniques can be used together as a specialty session with your client or peppered throughout your routine. As we’ve said regarding another of our workshops, “The Essential 5”, it was a process deciding what videos we should produce first. Considering the effectiveness of these techniques in our daily practices and that we use them to treat an overwhelming majority of our clients’ core issues, we made no hesitation in developing The Rib Dysfunction Workshop.

This download was originally $599. Even at that price we were sure this video would pay for itself many times over. These are our “trade secrets” which will provide lasting results for your clients. Included in the purchase of this online bodywork seminar are 3 months of free online support. Email us your questions and we’ll address each and every one of them. (After the 3 months are up, we’re still most likely going to support you.)

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