Demonstration of a Lower Lumbar Correction Part I

Please read the disclaimer included in the video. Do not use these techniques unless you are licensed to do so. This free demo is just one example of the many techniques included in our classes and our video workshops available now at Now available are the Rib Dysfunction Workshop, Essential 5 techniques for any bodyworker, and the 10 Essential Body-Balancing Exercises for self maintenance.

Chris Crawford demonstrates how to correct specific lower lumber dysfunction with two techniques addressing the soft tissue surrounding the vertebrae L1-L5. You will find in this demo techniques for testing and retesting the alignments of the structures as this work is done. All of the techniques included in this demo are part of the Capstone Method Institute’s body of knowledge and will be reviewed in detail in our local Sheperdstown bodywork classes.

If you enjoy these techniques and find them effective for what you do, we want to encourage you to join us in person. We have a wealth of incredible information and thrive on sharing it. It’s almost impossible to find a system that encompasses the broad spectrum of techniques we employ in the Capstone Method.

This eclectic school of bodywork is based on “structural principals”. That essentially means balancing the body from the ground up leads to dramatic healing throughout the individual being treated. One of the keys of the Capstone Method is consistently testing for effectiveness as we work. Using simple evaluative techniques it’s possible to witness the effectiveness of our own treatments. When you can observe your own results in real time, your practice will begin to grow and your clients will express the difference.

It’s important to us to be learn about the weaknesses of any one system of bodywork we work with so it’s part of the “Capstone DNA” to draw together methods from the best of manual therapy, structural integration, muscle energy technique, advanced biomechanicial rolfing principles, osteopathic tradition and various styles of cranial work to weave a style that is effective without discrimination. Take advantage of the work we’ve done to cull together a system evolved for effectiveness. If this is interesting to you, we encourage you to know more about the Capstone Method, you’ll never see the human body the same way again!

Find out the many more reasons why Capstone produces such great results by watching the rest of our videos or contacting us directly. Thanks for joining us!

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