Intro to Capstone Bodywork with Chris Crawford


Chris Crawford discusses the fundamentals of his style of bodywork based in Shepherdstown, West Virginia near Frederick Maryland with another office in Winchester, northern Virginia. The Capstone Method as he describes it is a form of “manual structural therapy” meaning it entails the hands-on balancing of the body. His style references cross-over principles between manual therapy, structural integration, muscle energy technique, advanced biomechanicial rolfing principles, osteopathic tradition and various styles of cranial work. While Capstone does not boast to be a replacement for any of these schools, it is an eclectic system drawing from a lot of the best elements of the surrounding disciplines to provide clients with highly effective treatments.

The Capstone Method offers specific treatments for clients in need of immediate relief as well as maintenance sessions to keep the body fit and balanced. For those seeking thorough whole body alignments, we also offer a full integration package spread out over 10 sessions. The idea at the core of Capstone is that reprogramming your body to return to its natural balance can bring all kinds of order back to the individual. From chronic back pain to difficulty breathing, from chronic fatigue to sleeping disorders, make no mistake: imbalance in part of a system leads to imbalance in the whole. The Capstone Method’s target is to effect the foundation of the human body and thus return our clients to this resilient natural balance and help them to maintain it.

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