Facebook Testimonials

Facebook TestimonialsThere’s no better way to understand the work we do than to hear it from the mouths of our clients. To all of you who support us, thank you! Please “Like” us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/capstonemethod

Mackenzie Tingle
“Video seminar shoot on this beautiful day with the guy that I swear can change your life in just one session of body work! He’s miraculous to say the least! I mean he did save me from surgery and a season on the bench… no big deal! Phew thank goodness for Chris Crawford :)”

Sherry Baker
“[I’ve mentioned] my daughter’s injury, but should also tell you about a major incident with my husband, Will. He had seen Chris occasionally for back problems, but this day was extreme. Will had so much back pain that he could only crawl. He lay face down in the back of the van for me to drive him to Chris. Chris actually left his office and came to the van to work on Will to get him to a standing position. Chris put Will in his office chair on wheels to get him into his office to work on him. After Chris finished the session, Will left his office walking. Thank you Chris!!”

“After suffering for several. yrs with neck, shoulder, back pain from car accidents, I saw a chiropractor. I did 53 treatments & didn’t improve. I had severe headaches, could not function & my mood was horrible. I realized that much of my pain was due to a knee injury & thrown everything off in my body from walking uneven. I went to Lori every 2-3 wks. My discomfort has subsided & I see her for maintenance.”

Eva Taylor
“Several years ago I developed a shoulder injury that no therapy I trusted could fix, massage, chiro, and acupuncture never touched the pain. After several tries my massage therapist friend suggested Lori Robertson and Chris Crawfords Healing Arts Center. I, soon after, entered into a ten session body work protocol, with Lori, based on Chris Crawfords observation of the nervous systems influence on the body’s structural system. This work healed my shoulder within 5 of the ten sessions. After completing the ten sessions I was honored to train under Chris’s expert tutiledge to learn how to work with the body, not force the body, to illicit a change toward balance within the whole. While my successes because of this training are too great to mention, this work has changed my life and my work as a massage therapist. There isn’t a work day that goes by that this training hasn’t touched in an overwhelmingly positive way. My clients swear by the work and I value this training above any I have recieved during and since massage school. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, physical therapist or just a student of the human condition , Chris Crawford is the Budda of bodywork teachers… Learn from the master, you’ll never be sorry…
Eva Taylor,LMT and forever student of Crawfy learning!”

Lamisha Allen
“I FEEL MUCH GRANDE TYPES BETTER! and it’s all thanks to Lori Robertson of Downstream to Wellness. She whipped both my first ribs into shape and i’m no longer in pain!!! I can breathe freely again and my shoulders actually relax….I was pretty jacked up physically so if you ever need any manual therapy done dont hesitate to contact Lori!!!”

Laura First
“Who ya gonna call when you reach for the goat and your back goes out? pain busters! Lori and Chris and skilled touch and tender hands….so healing…first folks i think of when it starts to go…..my back that is….”

Grayson Topping

“Hello Friends! […] Chris and Lori are amazing! I injured my back twice wakeboarding. Each time, I was out of commission to say the least.. Within 24 hours of Chris seeing me, I was about 75 percent, and completed recovery within days. If you suffer from aches and pains, I urge you to check them out!”

Sherry Baker
“My daughter injured her back at a gymnastics class. When it didn’t improve in a few days I took her to Chris Crawford. I had been to Chris and knew he used no drugs or jerking or cracking motions that would scare her. He identifies the problem areas then works the patient thru gentle movements or resistance to his pressure in specified positions until he works the bones back in place as they should be. I watched as Chris worked on my daughter for about 45 minutes. She wore her sweat pants and T-Shirt and felt no pain or discomfort during the session. He had her back properly aligned and she was comfortable bending in all directions again. I asked how long she should wait before doing gymnastics and he said she was fine to start right away. She went home and began tumbling with no hesitation. She had no recurrence of any of the back pain. Chris is amazing!”

Jessica Bruno
“I have been seeing Chris now for several years now for wrist and hand pain that occurred after a skiing injury and is aggravated by my daily routine of hairdressing for a living. I try to see him every six weeks and feel tremendous relief after a session. I couldn’t apply any weight to that wrist and I didn’t have full range of motion after the initial injury and that has been restored! He’s amazing!”

Jeff Kauffman
“All I can say about the bodywork you all do is IT IS AMAZING! I suffered from shoulder pain once and lower back pain another time and in both instances I was virtually cured over night. I know it sounds like marketing BS but it’s for real. My sincere thanks for the RELIEF!”

Fred A Soltow
“Chris has kept me at a competitive level for many years. Thanks buddy your amazing!”

“Thank you Chris for getting rid of my sinus headache after working on the C2-S4 connection. Breathing is clear, headache gone!! I love the work we do!!”

Amy Dawson Robertson
“I was having nagging pain in my neck and Lori took care of it — it’s two days later and I haven’t had a twinge. Even better she gave me some great advice on how to keep it from returning. She also explain the physiology very clearly. Thanks, Lori!”

Lynne Lewis
“Lori has kept me up and running for over a decade. Everytime those ribs went out, or the back, or the butt was dragging, Lori was there to repair, renew and git-r-done. In fact, thanks for reminding me – need to make an appt! Cheers!”

Kelly Kowalski
“You guys are fantastic! Tops on my list for great bodywork and just as much tops on my list for wonderful, genuine friends. Thanks for all the help over the years with my chronic pain issues. Much love to Lori and Chris!!”

Rebecca Moore
“Best ever. . .coming from someone who has been through physical therapy, electrode therapy, you name it basically! Hands down best and most efficient work ever. Feel like a million bucks after every visit! Thanks for doing what you do! Miracle hands!”

Kitty Clark
“Chris Crawford put my neck right!! He’s awesome. He said give it 24 hours, and he was right! No more headache. No more grumpiness. Thank you Chris! You have pain? Check with Chris and Lori before excessive meds, surgery, doctors, or extreme anxiety over what weird disease you think you have based on google research.”

Kelly Kowalski
“You guys are fantastic! Tops on my list for great bodywork and just as much tops on my list for wonderful, genuine friends. Thanks for all the help over the years with my chronic pain issues. Much love to Lori and Chris!!”

Grayson Topping
“Chris and Lori are amazing! I injured my back twice wakeboarding. Each time, I was out of commission to say the least.. Within 24 hours of Chris seeing me, I was about 75 percent, and completed recovery within days. If you suffer from aches and pains, I urge you to check them out!”

Peg Crompton
“When I visit Lori I usually walk in hyped up, anxious, my left leg leading my body, incredible tension in my neck and upper back, my neck cracks when I move it, my leg length is uneven, and my wrists and hands ache. Basically I walk in feeling like some kind of enigma. When I leave, I am calm, all the tension is gone, I walk straight and I feel human again. No need for a chiropractor, MD, or anyone else-just Lori. Thanks Lori! Let’s meet again!”

Natalia Cummings
“Hey Chris And Lori, you guys are awesome!! As a former bodyworker I am so grateful to be able to refer folks to you in total confidence, as well as to receive care that I know will be helpful to me. I can’t say enough wonderful thongs about your skills, your knowledge, and your passion for your work. I can’t wait to see ya later for my appointment! You guys ROCK!!!!”

Chris Hutzler
“Lori! Thanks again for all of your help, I’m not sure what I would have done without your help! You’re a miracle worker!”

“I started seeing Chris about 5 years ago for chronic lower back issues. He had stabilized that, until this past January when I tried to do a triple, double lux with back flips, without ice skates at 57 years of age. 
The landing was only 2 points on the 1-10 scale. My hip, my lower back, my shoulder, my ribs and my head all hurt. ( Wait, I guess that would be a 5 point landing!) Anyway, Chris continues to put me back together and keeps me functioning. I am forever grateful. Heck, I may even be ready to don ice skates this winter! Not!”

Gillian Russell
“I am sure the chiropractor’s office is wondering what happened to me! I used to pop in about once a month for a quick adjustment…riding horses does that to you, but since I met Lori, no need…. my back no longer aches…and you don’t realise just how much pain you were in, until it is gone! I feel wonderful and my horse appreciates my new found suppleness and balance!”

Dominic Valentine
“Chris and Lori keep this primate upright. I have consulted them on every thing from arm numbness, sinus infection, body/sacrum alignment, to the numerous sports injuries I have incurred trying to keep up with my kids. I’d swear by them but I think foul language is frowned on by FB. Simply put-get on your vessel and head Downstream to Wellness- your body will thank you!”

Werner Franz Doerwaldt
“One visit ended months of lower back pain! Superb!”

Amy Dawson Robertson
“I wish I lived closer because whenever Lori or Chris have worked on me, I’ve always felt loads better! They are both very knowledgeable and committed to making you well.”

Patricia Robinson
“I was a college student who had fallen out of a tree and messed up my back and neck. I found Lori through a friend and she took me the next day. She fixed me up and I kept coming back until I left. 2 years later and I still haven’t found anyone to replace her. She’s an amazing healer.”

Cora Middlebrook
“I’ve been a huge fan of Chris and Lori’s business, and have opted to rush to them with back and joint problems after miserable experiences with traditional medicine. There has not been one time I have seen them that I did not walk away feeling better, and really every time, I felt huge relief by the time I was done with one session!”