The Essential 5: Manual Therapy Video Workshop of Five Must-Have Techniques

Essential 5: Five Imperative Techniques for the Therapist's Toolkit

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When we were planning our video series, we first had to decide between doing a comprehensive walk-through of our system from beginning to end or putting together something small and potent that gets straight to the good stuff. The latter sounded more exciting to us so that where we began. This workshop is a crash course for our favorite and most effective techniques. We hope you’ll find this toolkit of five amazing manual therapy techniques to be as useful as we intended.

Included in this video:

1. Welcome to The Essential 5 Manual Therapist’s Toolkit

2. “Essential Manual Therapy Technique #1: Sacral Pelvic Spinal Primer” – Sacrum correction, SI joint technique, correcting the lower lumbar

3. Stork test: Finding and testing the PSIS – Identify a hip dysfunction and determine which side to treat

4. Leg length test

5. Reading the leg length test

6. Reviewing what we found in the test

7. Basics of the 1st technique

8. Definition of “end feel”

9. Finding the sacrotuberous ligament

10. Tap testing and releasing facet dysfunctions

11. Demonstrating the release

12. Comments on the 1st technique

13. Post-check to confirm efficacy of the technique

14. Bonus technique for self correction of the same dysfunction

15. “Essential Manual Therapy Technique #2: Pelvic Tuning” – Rotated hip correction

16. Pre-check of the PSIS & ASIS

17. Correcting the upper pole of the SI joint with a fascial release technique

18. Post-check of the SI joint upper pole

19. “Essential Manual Therapy Technique #3: Taming the First Ribs” – First rib correction

20. Locating the first ribs

21. Identifying a first rib dysfunction

22. First rib dysfunction test

23. Side-bending and rotating the head while side-bending the body to cause the release

24. Additional fascial release on the first rib

25. Post checking the first rib to confirm efficacy

26. “Essential Manual Therapy Technique #4: Taming the Second Ribs” – Locating the second ribs and identifying a second rib dysfunction

27. Pre-check

28. How the second ribs influence their surroundings and explaining the correction

29. Demonstrating a second rib correction

30. Finishing touches to ensure a full release of the stuck second rib

31. Fascial release of posterior scalene will affect the 2nd rib as well

32. Additional “Rib angle in the side pocket technique”

33. “Essential Manual Therapy Technique #5: Top-Down Nervous System Release and Reboot via C1, C2 & Cranium”

34. Explaining the technique

35. Demonstrating C1 release technique with cranio-sacral

36. Demonstrating C2 release technique with cranio-sacral

37. Conclusion

We do this work every day in our offices. People who visit us have a wide variety of dysfunctional patterns but as any bodyworker knows, there are always a set of techniques you use for every single client – because they simply work – and because nearly everyone that walks through that door with back or neck issues have dysfunctions in these same trouble zones.

The value we’ve placed on the workshop is amazing. We can’t emphasize that enough.

Please watch our demos. Call us. Write to us. Or come visit us. The efficacy of our work shows in every aspect of what we do from the clientele walking out of our offices to the responses our students get from theirs. The Essential 5 is our manual therapy video “powerpack”. We hope you check it out and benefit from it.

Included in the purchase of this download is 3 months of free online support. This means you are welcome to email us with any questions and we’ll make sure you get the answers. Beyond 3 months, as long as it’s reasonable, we’ll probably be there if you need us anyway. Enjoy these videos!


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