About Erin Outten

Erin Outten is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Virginia and West Virginia. Erin has been studying the Capstone Method under Chris Crawford, and is excited to be joining the Winchester office with Chris to offer her expertise to the community. Erin is passionate about structural bodywork and natural therapies as self-healing choices.

Erin brings her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and movement to her practice from her career as a Registered Nurse and a Certified Personal Trainer. Her passion for learning is overshadowed only by her desire to address her clients needs. Erin is proficient is joint mobilization, soft tissue dysfunction, and biomechanical myoskeletal techniques. These modalities are superb for shoulder/knee/elbow issues, rib dysfunction, pelvic dysfunction, and chronic pain, offering solutions for these ailments.

Erin is accepting new clients, and will be available for appointments in the Winchester office on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. beginning 11/11, and will expand her hours accordingly. You can reach her at 304-813-1311 for an appointment.